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Aer Africa 2019

This past month, my friend and former student Andrea Hartley reached out to me with an exciting proposition. Andrea is a social worker who lives in Nairobi. She started a social circus program through her company Aer Africa about 2 years ago. She employs local street acrobats to teach circus to youth, and the program is starting to gain traction. As it grows, Andrea has realized the need for more structure, more technical knowledge, and stronger curriculum. I’m honored that she asked me to come to Nairobi and work with her Kenyan acrobats-turned-coaches, and teach them how to coach youth circus.

Aer Africa can pay to bring me to Kenya, feed and house me for a month, and pay me a very small stipend. I am reaching out to my larger community and the social circus community in the U.S. to help me raise $5000 to make sure my home and studio expenses are covered in November so that I can go and provide this training to their coaches. Only then can I say yes to this once-in-a-lifetime chance to go share my gifts and create more social circus educators on the other side of the world. I know once I leave, the teachers will have a lasting impact on their community and have the capacity to further mentor and develop a training staff.

When I teach someone to teach, I feel like I am using my circus super powers for good! When I teach youth, I feel like my artistic legacy will live longer than me, and reach into the world far, far beyond what I ever imagined I could accomplish as a circus artist. I would love to take this opportunity. But I need your help.

Thank you for supporting me in this effort to grow a sustainable structure in Nairobi for their community members to enrich opportunities for Kenyan youth.

You can Donate to the GoFundMe Campaign HERE.

You can also DONATE HERE via PayPal or simply Venmo @thereallizarose.

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